Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok, so here's the deal.

I didn't die.

I know most of you are relieved. Especially those of you whom I owe money/favors/whateverthehellyouthinkIoweyou.

Blogger noticed some kind of undefined "suspicious activity" and decided to hulk out or something, so my blog was blocked. Now it's fixed.

At the moment I'm beating down the wanderlust in Texas, penniless, scrambling for a job, and bumming at my parents like most other recent post-grads. My parents are currently in the honeymoon phase of having me back, where they still think I'm awesome until they walk out at 2am and see me munching on cheetos and snickers in front of the computer during the beginning of a three-week binge on Skyrim. This hasn't happened yet, but only because I've carefully timed my Skyrim hits.

It's not a glamorous life, but it's not on the streets of Torino, Italy either. I'll explain that particular reference later, when I write the "My Night As An Italian Tramp" post.

So my plan (for this blog, at least) is to flesh out the bullet-point notes of my trip in my journal. Probably with less cursing this time, because now I'll be walking around College Station and might run into your condemning looks.


Anyway. If anyone knows of a job that's not shameful (No, Uncle David, I will NOT apply at the Dirty Sock), please let me know. I'm trying to make enough money to do this trip in the Summer, when the daylight lasts longer and there are festivals to crash.

I hope everyone had a nice round of Holidays. Remember to wash the shame off before you come home after New Year's Eve.


  1. I agree with the above comment. Or below. Not sure where my comment is going to be placed geographically on this blog.