Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lots of kids = no toilet paper?

There I was, sitting in my bed, watching about Brits in the Sahara desert, when my TV suddenly changed the channel. There was an untouched remote beside me.


I picked up the remote and changed the channel back. I set the remote down. The channel changed to some sports network, remote untouched.


I picked up the remote and angrily changed the channel back. Then I ran over to the window of my room and peeked outside. Nobody there. The channel changed back to tennis. I ran to the door and opened it. Claudia was standing outside.

I narrowed my eyes. “Did you change the channel?”

Claudia looked startled. “Nooo….”

I said, “Is this a joke?”

Claudia looked around. “Nooo…”

I lifted my mama’s-about-to-beat-a-child finger. “Are you lying to me?”

Claudia’s eyes got big. “It was Finn! His TV is connected to yours!”

Wtf? Finn lives in the room next door to mine. He’s Kari’s 17 year old.

Claudia whispered, “Do you want me to tell him to stop watching TV?”

I told her, “No, it’s okay. I have my computer.” Then I retreated back inside my room. I heard the hallway door close after Claudia. I decided to go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. I went across the hall (the bathroom is separate, but every bedroom has their own designated bathroom so nobody has to share) and brushed my teeth. I looked around in boredom. Suddenly, I noticed that there’s no toilet paper. I distinctly remember putting a full roll on the back of the toilet earlier that day. I looked around. No toilet paper. I got an idea. I stormed across the hall and knocked on Finn’s door. I heard a murmured inquiry.

I demanded, “Finn! Get out here!”

He opened the door and smiled. I glared. “Finn, did you steal my toilet paper?”

“Oh. Yeah,” he said sheepishly, “I was changing the channels too. Sorry.”

I shook my finger at him, “Boy, you better replace my roll.” He grinned and walked into his parent’s room. Soon he came back out with a roll of toilet paper. He passed it to me and retreated back inside his hole.

These people are serious about making workawayers feel like family.

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