Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Reawakening

Ok so I’m super sorry I haven’t posted in like …. two weeks. Ahem. I know that you guys are just dying with curiosity about my day to day happenings. I’m sure that you’ve all wanted to call me to make sure that I was still alive and hadn’t been stolen by some crazy couchsurfer or come to nefarious harm via British pretentiousness or attacked by ninjas or something, but you’re all too broke to afford the international calls. Of course.

I’ll write a super long post tomorrow about the following topics:

1. Thom ditched me. He’s an asshole. I don’t really care though, because Kari + Rob + kids taught me about what I missed in not going up with four siblings.

2. I’ve become an enchilada ambassador.

3. “The Big M” by Felix.

4. Trading exposure to Lucky Number Sleven for mad ball-throwing lessons from Finn.

5. Also, I’m now a badass street boxer. Didn’t you know?

6. After being stuck in captivity for days with Brits, a phone call saved my accent.

7. Muesli, Tahini, Courgette

8. Making pizza

9. Christopher Bennett saying I could stay with him. It’s on the interwebs, so now it’s law.

10. My life as a goat girl

11. Plans from here on out. SHIT HAS CHANGED, YO.

See? That’s a long ass post that I’ve been procrastinating about. But I’ll flesh out the topics tomorrow after I do all my work, and hopefully you’ll have something by tomorrow evening (afternoon your time, actually). Have faith, people. I’ll make it as funny as I can.

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